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Portfolio management
for consulting experts.

Consulting companies use kwilo to close more deals by creating convincing employee profiles. Save your employees and yourself time and money.

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dnq IT Consulting GmbH

“Kwilo lets me create custom-tailored profiles of our employees we can send to the requestees. We have successfully closed more deals than ever with it!”


Sales position and kwilo user

nuwaru cloud services

“Maintaining my employee profile has always annoyed me. With kwilo I can now update it in an easy way without dealing with Microsoft Word or Excel.“


Software Engineer and kwilo user


Turn your employee profiles into
entrance cards for new project opportunities.

kwilo guides your employees during filling out their employee profile and project participations.






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Security & Integration

kwilo gives you complete control
which and how data should be shared.

Person profiles are sensible and every recipient expects a different formatting with other focusses. Kwilo gives you full control by customzing any generated profile.

Export to Microsoft Word

Export to Microsoft Excel

Restrict GDPR information

Export multiple profiles

Custom fields

Different layouts and templates

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Get your employee profile tracking process

kwilo automatically asks your employees for their project participation status. Do you want to automate parts of the process? Our API gets you covered.

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Stop wasting time trying to collect your employee profiles with Microsoft Word, Excel or SharePoint. kwilo is faster, easier, and you still have complete control.

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